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Pediatric consultations and advice in difficult cases and diseases affecting children upto age 18 years. Second opinion clinic, pediatric respiratory and neurology consultation clinic Dr Kondekar's Postulates Every disease often presents in typical bookish picture... cos these books are written with decades of observations and research. if not so, either we havent read the books or may be its time to go.. read.. or write about If a disease doesnot improve with therapy; any of following is likely that... 1. If diagnosis is right .. we are surely missing some complications 2. If not so then the treatment of choice is either wrong,inadequate, and incomplete in drugs or dose or duration. 3. If not so..then most likely diagnosis is wrong or incomplete. A twist in diagnosis can bring dramatic results. 4. if not so.. then we need some patience and time for same or new treatment and its effect. All diseases do not have complete cure; but there is lot more to do in almost every case to improve quality of care and therapy.